International Emergency Medical Services

International Emergency Medical Services International Emergency Medical Services
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Now when you pay in full for your international travel tickets for a registered common carrier with your Visa Infinite you will receive, free of charge and worldwide, protection against accidents or medical emergencies that happen outside of your country of residence or country where card is issued.

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Your international emergency medical services will cover you, cardholder and/or whoever you purchased a ticket for with your Visa Infinite, in case of accidents or medical emergencies that occur when you are enjoying your trips abroad. These services include medical, dental, prescription, and lodging and transportation expenses as defined in the terms and conditions. This service also provides you with the Schengen Certificate for your trips to Europe. You will have up to thirty days to open a claim case. This protection covers trips of up to sixty consecutive days of length.

The INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE will assist the cardholder with MEDICAL ASSISTANCE and TRANSPORTATION/ ACCOMMODATION SERVICES, even if they are requested as a consequence of COVID-19.

Limitations and exclusions may apply. Please see: LIMITATIONS and EXCLUSIONS of the Terms and Conditions.

Applicable terms and conditions; please click here to download.

Important! The benefits and services described herein are not available for traveling to Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, the Crimean Peninsula and Sudan, or other services related to these destinations.

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