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Antigua 1-800-847-2911
Argentina 0800-666-0171
Aruba 800-1518
Bahamas 1-800-847-2911
Barbados 1-800-847-2911
Bermuda 1-800-847-2911
Bolivia 800-10-0188
Brazil 0800-891-3679
Colombia 01-800-912-5713
Costa Rica 0-800-011-0030
CuraƧao 001-800-847-2911
El Salvador 800-6921
Spain 900-99-1124
France 0800-90-1179
Guatemala 1-800-999-0115
Cayman Islands 1-800-847-2911
US Virgin Islands 1-800-847-2911
Italy 800-819-014
Jamaica 0-800-847-2911
Portugal 800-8-11-824
Puerto Rico 1-800-847-2911
United Kingdom 0800-89-1725
Dominican Republic 1-800-847-2911
Trinidad and Tobago 1-800-847-2911
Venezuela 0800-1-002167

If the country you are in is not listed, or if you experience difficulties using any of the toll-free numbers, call collect: 303-967-1098

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